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Release date, summer 2001

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1. You Gotta Know Who Your Friends Are*     2. Telephone Game
3. Jerking My Chains 4. You Tell Me I Know    5. All the Way   
6. sweet sugar honey    7. Hook In 8. Like We All Do

This is blue number nine's second CD. The band did a benefit for a venue
called "the Spot" on the SUNY campus (hence the title) and liked the way the recording came out. Camari Frame was in the band but she was a sub - a "back up to the backups". This CD is worth buying just to have a copy of her headshot!

Also singing at the time were Kristy Cates and Sheila Connors. These two blondes didn't get along so well, so there was a lot of tension. In fact, when we released the CD, one of them was not pleased because her vocals were not as loud as the other's. Nonetheless, despite the catty stuff, these two singers were the first to bring actual choreography into the band. Prior to their involvement, the back up singers did the same move on every song!

Shortly after the CD was released, Kristy left the band to pursue musical theater. She later went on to perform in WICKED on Broadway and understudied the lead role of Elphaba, which she did get to perform. She is now in Chicago with a touring version of the show.

This CD is far from perfect, in fact, it is very raw and there is some feedback on "Telephone Game", but it is a good representation of the band at the time and there was no budget to go into the recording studio. We decided at the time that we wanted to release something that reflected the current lineup. Of course, shortly after the release of this CD, the lineup changed again! The band pressed 300 copies of this CD and there are only a few left.

This CD also contains a copy of Aaron Strebs' video "JERKING MY CHAINS" which can be viewed on a computer.

Performing that night were:
Stefanie Seskin on flute, lead vocals and tamborine, Kristy Cates & Sheila Connors on vocals, Minoru Kikuchi on guitar, George DeHoff on keyboards, Marco Accattatis on bass, Jack Gourdine on drums.

Stefanie created the artwork. All photos are from miscellaneous sources, but there is a pretty neat photo collage on this one, full band shot w/George and headshots of Kristy, Camari and Sheila.




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