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Release date, June 2003

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Track list & streaming MP3's: (*=full song; others snippets)

1. What is Real   2. It's All About*    3. nine one one blues  
4. Like We All Do* 5. You Are Right There    6. Me and You    
7. You'll Know What To Do
8. He's The One I Should But You're the One I Want*
9. Who Are The Free 10. Telephone Game    
11. I Feel The Earth Move
12. You Gotta Know Who Your Friends Are

This is blue number nine's third CD. During the early part of 2002, the
band decided it was time to record another studio CD, even though many members of the band were struggling financially and were jobless at the time. A producer was selected and the band even met with him (Bob Stander, who mixed the band's debut CD). After that meeting, bn9 decided to do a little pre-production, i.e. work out the song arrangements in advance. This way, the producer would have a better understanding of the band's vision. So bn9 recorded all the tunes onto Stefanie’s computer, a Pentium II purchased in 1998, using Cakewalk software, version 9.

For those of you who have no idea what this means, it means an old computer with old software that is not considered "industry standard".

Because of the limitations of the recording gear, Stefanie first recorded a reference vocal and then Jack's drums were recorded with Marco playing along. Then Marco recorded his tracks for real. Next, Joel sat in the kitchen (good acoustics!) and played percussion. Minoru came next (guitar) followed by Rob and Ada on trombone and tenor sax. The band got Ginetta Vendetta to come add trumpet later, because the original trumpet player didn't show up the day of the recording. Ginetta was sick with the flu and was unable to perform all the songs with horns. So Stefanie played the missing trumpet lines on alto sax.

Stefanie did most of the back up vocals (this was going to just be pre-production). Camari and Sheila added their flavor a little at a time after rehearsals.

When all this was finished (a month or so), Stefanie made a CD and gave it to keyboard player Garth Koren, who put it into his computer, played along on the keyboards and gave Stefanie back a CD of just the keyboards which she then mixed in with the rest. Garth performed with the band on occasion at the time, but as a hired gun, and not a band member.

Finally, Stefanie re-recorded the lead vocals while sitting in front of her computer. When all was done, the band thought the whole thing sounded pretty good, so Marco decided to try mastering it on his computer to see if he could make it sound even better.

The end result of this pre-production excercise was a reality check: the group only had a shoestring budget , and could not work with the producer. So Stefanie created the graphics (the cover photo was taken in Milan, Italy, when Stefanie was a model) and sent it to be pressed.

This CD also contains songs co-written by Stefanie & Kim Preston and introduces songs co-written by Stefanie & Marco Accattatis. Track 3 is a reaction to September 11, 2001. Everyone else was writing patriotic songs at the time, but Stefanie was feeling down and blue about it.

The CD was pressed at Omnidisc in Canada. Marco & Stefanie changed the song order several times which resulted in a type-o on the graphics, which wasn't updated to reflect the song changes in the final round. Therefore, the horn arrangement credits are wrong on the CD. Jason Berg's credits are correct. However, Marco Accattatis should be credited for songs 4 and 7 and Rob Susman should be credited for song 6.

This CD was released under the band's own label, "check other records".

The band had CD release party with Rob Susman on trombone, Jenny Hill on alto sax and Joel Hirsch on percussion at a tiny venue that is now closed called Vibe. The show was sponsored by a now defunct music website and goodie bags were given out to all attendees. Stefanie was so stressed out by this CD release party that she decided it would be the last one!

Despite the primitive recording method, this CD received rave reviews. Both Sheila & Camari remained with the band as a unit for 2 or 3 years and today are still referred to as "the dynamic duo" of bn9 back up vocalist combinations.

Performers - Stefanie Seskin - flute, alto sax, lead and backup vocals and keyboards on one song, Sheila Connors & Camari Frame - back up vocals, Minoru Kikuchi - guitar & backup vocals on one song, Garth Koren - keyboards, Marco Accattatis - electric & acoustic bass and backup vocals on one song, Joel Hirsch - percussion, Jack Gourdine - drums and backup vocals on one song.

1. What Is Real - Kim Preston, Stefanie Seskin
2. It's All About - Kim Preston, Stefanie Seskin
3. nine one one blues - Stefanie Seskin
4. Like We All Do - Marco Accattatis, Jack Gourdine, Stefanie Seskin
5. You Are Right There - Stefanie Seskin
6. Me & You - Marco Accattatis, Stefanie Seskin

7. You'll Know What To Do - Stefanie Seskin
8. He's the One I Should But You're The One I Want - Stefanie Seskin
9. Who Are the Free - Marco Accattatis, Stefanie Seskin
10. Telephone Game - Kim Preston, Stefanie Seskin
11. I Feel The Earth Move - Carole King
12. You Gotta Know Who Your Friends Are - Kim Preston, Stefanie Seskin




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