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Release date, September 2000

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Track list & streaming MP3's: (*=full song; others snippets)

1. Hook In*   2. Jerking My Chains  
3. The Moment I Saw The Sun 4. sweet sugar honey   5. All the Way   
6. You Tell Me I Know   7. Make Believe 8. Cog in a Wheel
9. Demons Follow Me*   10. Safe to Fight   11. Coming Back Human

This is blue number nine's first CD. The band began recording in 1999.
This CD contains 2 songs that Kim Preston and Stefanie Seskin composed upon their very first songwriting session together. The two went on to write many other songs which appear on this and later albums.

The Loft Studios in Bronxville, NY, gave the band a superior deal on recording time - we only had to pay the assistant engineer's fee but the rest of our time was free. Since the band wasn't paying the usual fee, we had to take whatever time was open at the Loft when it was open with very little notice. The CD took an entire year to complete and was recorded onto 2 inch analog tape.

Most of the recording sessions were rushed and Everett quit the band as soon as he had completed recording all of his bass parts. The CD, however, was not complete. Vocals, keyboards and horns still needed to be added. When Marco joined the band, the group decided to record over some of Everett's work because Marco immediately showed that he was in blue number nine for the long haul. The band wanted him on the album.

At the time, keyboards were a huge part of blue number nine, so this CD is quite keyboard heavy. We had a fun time with it, especially with string sounds. Now, in 2006, some of the strings seem a little cheesy, but amazingly, track 3 of this CD, THE MOMENT I SAW THE SUN, is the most downloaded of blue number nine's songs on iTunes.

Prior to recording this CD, the band had not performed with horns; in fact, Stefanie was called "crazy" by some band members for wanting horns, but they sound great and work well. Jason Berg, a student at Rutgers University at the time, brought in some of his college friends, and they sight read the charts and recorded 2 takes of each song. When it came time for the trombone solo on "sweet sugar honey", Paul at first did a very avant guard jazz thing. Kim and Stefanie looked at each other in dissatisfaction and asked him to play it again, but sexier and more "New Orleans" style. The second take was the take the band kept.

The vocal track on "sweet sugar honey" is actually the scratch vocal. Stefanie was extremely stressed out during the entire project, so recording vocals was challenging and tears were shed.

Another factoid - Diane Chiorello is listed as a band member. She joined the band after the recording of the CD was complete, but before the CD was printed. So in the spirit of "a band" and not just a group of musicians (this was always Stefanie's goal and dream), her name was included on the CD and her photo is included in the collage on the inner tray card. (One of the singers on the CD left before it was released - she went on to get married and start a family; and the other left shortly afterwards.)

When it came to mixing, the group just couldn't get the sound they wanted, so they took the tracks to Bob Stander at the now defunct Avalon Studios on Long Island. Bob did an excellent job mixing and even did some last minute bass playing on "Hook In" and some last minute guitar playing on "Demons Follow Me." Tommy Davis, who the band has never thanked (and is thanking NOW) was brought into the studio by Kim to play guitar on "Demons Follow Me" originally (Stefanie & Kim weren't satisfied with Minoru's arrangement.) But when it came time to mix, the band decided to change directions with the sound of the song, and Bob just played the right thing. Bob re-did the bass on Hook In because during mixing, he discovered that the bass & drums were not locked in. Marco was not available to record the bass, so Bob just did it.

The CD was then mastered in NYC. It was pressed by Oasis under the Loft Studio's label "Berger Platters" run by Al Hemberger, owner of the Loft and excellent bassist, singer and founder of "The Renovators". blue number nine had a CD release party at the Elbow Room in NYC with a great turnout and a full horn section.

1,500 copies were pressed. There are about 30 left. "Jerking My Chains" was re-done in 2005 and included on Stefanie's solo CD.

Performers on this CD - Stefanie Seskin - flute, lead & back up vocals, a little percussion and little keyboards, Natalie Pospolita & Jennifer Kelly - vocals, Doreen Younglove - featured vocals on "Safe to Fight" and "Make Believe", Minoru Kikuchi - guitar, Kim Preston - keyboards, Marco Accattatis - bass, Jack Gourdine - drums, Jason Berg - trumpet, Paul Olenick - trombone, Thomas Buckelew - tenor sax; Bob Stander mixed and also played bass. Mastered at db Digital Plus.

Song details:

1. Hook In, by Stefanie Seskin
2. Jerking My Chains by Elisa Burgos and Stefanie Seskin
3. The Moment I Saw The Sun - by Stefanie Seskin
4. sweet sugar honey - by Stefanie Seskin
5. All The Way - Kim Preston & Stefanie Seskin
6. You Tell Me I Know - Kim Preston & Stefanie Seskin
7. Make Believe - Kim Preston & Stefanie Seskin
8. Cog in a Wheel - Stefanie Seskin
9. Demons Follow Me - Stefanie Seskin
10. Safe to Fight - Kim Preston & Stefanie Seskin
11. Coming Back Human - Kim Preston & Stefanie Seskin





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